Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Worst Movies That I Saw This Year

We looked at my favorite movies yesterday, now for the fun part. The ones I hated. A lot of people are going to disagree with me on some of these. Same order as before, the order I saw them.

No Country For Old Men
I think that everyone I've talked to about this one has liked it. I didn't. Go figure.

Day of the Dead
If this were in order, this would be at the top. One of the worst movies I've seen in ANY year. It's Ultraviolet bad.

The Dark Knight
Sorry, kids. I just didn't like it. You can call me an idiot if you want, but...I still won't like it.

Into the Wild
Read the book if you're really interested in this story. It's better.

The Black Dahlia
The movie is as awful as the book is great.


Unknown said...

I saw the Spirit. That was pretty damn awful

Fletch said...

I can understand someone not enjoying No Country or Dark Knight on the level of the rest of the country, but to include both in a list of "ones that you hated?" C'mon - really?

Unknown said...

While they were both 'good' movies in one sense, I just didn't like them. And the more I look back and think about them, I like them less. Most of the movies that I was unimpressed with left me indifferent to them. These five, more than any others, did not. That's the only real difference. I don't look back at The Dark Knight and say 'eh' I look back and say 'ugh'