Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Best Movies That I Saw This Year

Title says it all, doesn't it? These are the best movies that I saw this year. Well, either the best or the ones I liked the most. Some people won't agree with me, actually most people won't agree with me. That's okay. I'll admit that I probably didn't see enough movies to make a list that everyone would even have a chance of agreeing on. And, really, if you want to argue with me, just wait until I tell you what movies I thought were the worst (we'll save that for tomorrow).

Here we go, in the order that I saw them:


Right At Your Door (I admit 2 things here... 1. It did not come out this year. I never said they all did. And B. I never wrote about it. Which is a shame. I really liked it and I wish I had said something about it)

The Orphanage


The Strangers

The Signal 

Son of Rambow

Let the Right One In


So...9. The 9 best movies I saw in 2008.

Tomorrow...the ones I hated.