Monday, December 29, 2008

Where the hell has the time gone?

I'm sitting around, trying to enjoy the secular, commercialized, Anericanized holiday like I do every year. Just sitting around, taking it easy. Clearing out the old mental inventory of everything that has happened over the past year. Relaxing and watching movies.


Oh shit! I write about movies!

I forgot for a minute there. So, in the interest of just playing catch for you is my holiday viewing:

I liked it. It wasn't what I was expecting though. It was much slower and less action than the ads would have led me to believe. It was a different take on the terrorism theme though and showed the Islamic faith in a much more favorable light than American movies usually do. 

Speaking of movies that weren't what I was expecting...

There Will Be Blood:
Not that I really knew what to expect from this one. It was certainly interesting though. Very dark, and a great performance by Daniel Day Lewis. I think I liked it. I'm not sure though.

Honestly, it's not a bad movie. It was even fairly enjoyable in a way. In the end though, I just didn't feel like it was a good movie.

It had a trailer though that reminded me that I really wanted to see

 It was pretty amazing, as movies go. A really interesting story from a perspective you don't often see.

Zombies Anonymous (formerly Last Rights of the Dead):
 Cheaply made and it shows. Unlikable characters, lousy actors and a story that doesn't make a lot of sense. Not the worst way to spend an hour and a half, but it felt like it should have been over after an hour.

Kiss Me Deadly:
Aside from the fact that Ralph Meeker looks alike like Bill Paxton, which distracted me, it was a pretty good movie.

Last but not least...

The Long Goodbye:

Honestly, I just can't decide if I liked it or not. I have a deep affinity for the Raymond Chandler novel and character and it just seems like too far of a departure from the source. On the other hand, it's an interesting take on the hard boiled detective story.

Ok. I think that catches me up.


Fletch said...

At least you've been watching some good stuff lately, namely Blood and Persepolis (2 of my top 4 form last year, if not higher).

And Traitor just might sneak into my top 10 for this year. I liked its perspective a lot.