Sunday, July 01, 2007

Einstein at the Movies

In a never ending effort to keep 7 Dollar Popcorn fresh, it's time to introduce a new segment. A segment as lofty in it's aspirations as Quick Reviews of Bad Movies. A segment as fresh and creative as jokes about Joe Piscopo. A segment called Reviewed by Einstein.

7dp's first movie to be Reviewed by Einstein? Insecticidal. A movie about giant bugs and bitchy sorority girls. So, tell us Al, what did you think?

There you have it! He liked it! He really liked it! Anything else to say?

I don't know, Al. I guess it was some sort of crazy sort of directorial choice. Is that all you have to say about this movie?

Alright, Al. Thanks for your time.
That's great, Al. Thanks for letting us know. Are you done now?

You know, fuck you, Al. We're done.