Sunday, July 22, 2007

Make like a tree and do that thing

Well, this week didn't go as I had planned. Oh well. That's the way it goes sometimes. I worked more than I wanted to and slept less than I should have. And, while traveling allowed to me to watch a few episodes of Heroes (Save the cheerleader, save the world, baby), I did not actually manage to watch or write about any movies liked I'd hoped to be able to. It's so sad. Tragic even.

I'm off now though, or soon enough. I've got my Final Girl Film Club post to do for Monday, but aside from that, I'm done. I'm on vacation.

Since I know you'll miss me this next week, here's a scene from Clerks II, enjoy!

Oh! As long as I'm doing videos, I may as well hook you up with the trailer for that awesome French movie I watched not to long ago, Ils:

And don't forget, next week is Shark Week here at 7dp! A week full of shark movies, or possibly a big fish movie. And maybe a movie about sushi. Who knows! It'll be crazy and it'll start on the 30th! See ya then!