Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This shit just got real

Well, I didn't say it was going to be ONLY trailers this week, now did I? No. No I did not. Because had I done that, I would have had to put off talking about Hot Fuzz, and I just can't have that.

Hot Fuzz, is, of course, the new movie from the Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright team that brought you Shaun of the Dead a couple years ago, as well as the television show Spaced before that. Hot Fuzz is their take on the action/buddy-cup genre.

It all starts in London where P.C. Nicolas Angel is the best damn cop on the force. And he has the commendations to prove it. This, however, kind of annoys everyone else. For all his hard work, he gets a promotion to Sargent and a cushy job in the country. Of course, this is not exactly something that Angel wants, but he has no choice in the matter. He's Sandford bound.

Once in Sandford, Angel quickly gets to acting like the good old cop he is. IDing minors in the pub, arresting a drunk driver and arresting drunk kids peeing all over the place. In the morning, he officially reports for duty. It turns out that the drunk driver is the Chief's son and his new partner. And, as punishment for his offense he must bring in ice cream every day for a month. This is the kind of town it is, the low crime rate is partially attributable to the lack of people willing to press charges.

So it goes, Angel tries to adjust to small town life and then crazy shit starts to happen. Odd little accidents. Angel gets a bit suspicious, but they're just accidents. The rest of the squad (not force, too aggressive) thinks he's crazy and is too wrapped up in his big city past to see that it's different out here.

Angel is convinced that there is something more sinister going on. His partner Danny, however, is less concerned. He's more interested in hearing Angel's stories about being a big city cop. Danny wants to be the kind of cop you see in action movies., you know, shooting guns into the air, high speed chases, gunfights, all of that.

And Shepherds we shall be For thee, my Lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee And teeming with souls shall it ever be. In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Et Spiritus Sancti.

Without giving anything away (because I hate giving too much away on new movies) the whole thing culminates in one of the most surreal gunfights I've ever seen. And I've seen Tears of the Black Tiger!

Quick, the store closes in ten minutes and we're out of dip!

And that the whole battle ends in a Godzilla-esque rampage through a model town only made me love it more. I mean, it's people fighting in a miniature village! I want to do that! If I ever win the lottery, that's what I'm going to do! Find me a bunch of model makers to build me a mini city. And then, run through it and destroy everything! In fact, it might look something like this:

That would be fucking sweet.

I will warn you, do not go into this movie expecting it to be anything like Shaun of the Dead. It doesn't even feel anything like it, which is good. I was afraid that they would just try to recreate that success with Hot Fuzz. Instead Pegg and Wright were able to show that they aren't one trick ponies. They chose not to rest on their laurels here. As a result, Hot Fuzz is not Shaun of the Dead and in some ways might even be a little bit better (*gasp* did I say that???) No, seriously. 9 swans in the back seat of your squad car out of 10.

Edit: Did you know that this was the 250th post? Pretty sweet, right? Woo! Bust out the party hats, baby! We're rockin this joint now! Um...that's all I've got.


Nik! said...

Swan! I agree 9 swans, totally.

Unknown said...

boondock saints quote?