Friday, April 20, 2007

Giant Monsters All Out Attack Week Day 5: Jurassic Park 3

I remember, as a kid, I loved dinosaurs. Loved them. All of them. Well, the brontosaurus was my favorite, actually. Toys, books. You name it. Just fascinated by them. Largely, I still am. I think that if I had seen Jurassic Park at a younger age, I may have really dedicated my life to dinosaurs. Though, it is still possible that my apathy would have won out. It's hard to say.

I have to say though that I wasn't a huge fan of the second movie. I only saw it once and don't recall having any desire to see it again. So, to say that I was rushing to see the third would be something of an exaggeration. However, having now SEEN Jurassic Park III, I have to say that I wish I had done so sooner.

It's illegal to fly over or land in Isla Sorna, aka Site B. However, there is a company offering para sailing trips along the coast. It's here that Eric and his adult friend get lost. Meanwhile, Dr Grant is still studying velociraptors. The dead ones though. The living ones still scare the shit out of him. He gives lectures. Lectures where he says things like:

No force on earth or heaven could get me on that island.

Except money, apparently. Because Dr Grant is a whore. Really. It takes very little prodding for Dr Grant and his assistant, Billy, to agree to accompany the Kirbys on an excursion for a flyover of Isla Sorna. They, supposedly have permission from some "contacts".

This is all a big fat lie though. You see, the Kirbys basically KIDNAP Dr Grant to help them look for their son. They're divorced and the boy went missing with mom's new boyfriend 8 weeks ago. They brought Dr Grant because they needed someone who had been to the island, however, Grant had never been to THIS island. And he's not too thrilled about being on this one now. He keeps saying things like "On this island there is no such thing as safe " and "Either way... you probably won't get off this island alive." He's really kind of a downer.

Eventually they do find the boy still alive. But it's after multiple dino attacks. Including new raptors and a big fuck off spinosaurus! This thing is massive. Fucker takes out a t-rex like it's nothing.

The pacing is great. There's a lull then BAM dino attack. Lull, BAM, lull, BAM. And it moves like that. You get a real sense of the danger they're in. You can really sort of feel the paranoia Grant has on the island. At the same time though, there's still a sense of awe and wonder at marveling at these great beasts.

I was absolutely DREADING watching this movie. All I'd heard was how big a pile of shit it was. But I loved it. Easily my second favorite Jurassic Park movie of all time. 8 vials of t-rex pee that you don't really want to know how I got out of 10.


Nik! said...

8 vials of t-rex pee that you don't really want to know how I got out of 10.

No, actually, I do :p

Best. Rating. Ever. :)