Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I should have known better

I went to see Pulse on Friday. Here's the thing, 1) it was pg-13 (strike one), 2) it's a remake of a Japanese movie (strike 2), C) it was opening after having it's release pused back twice (strike 3) and D) it was a 9:45 showing on opening night and the theater was all but empty (apparently in this game, you get 4 strikes).

What I'm getting at is that I should have KNOWN that it wasn't going to be all that good. Now, I kind of liked the original, and I like Kristen Bell, but this was just not a good movie. Where the original was very much about loneliness and isolation, the remake was about ghosts...escaping from computers. Which was a stupid idea and horribly executed.

The sad thing is that I'll probably buy it when it comes out on DVD (that shouldn't take long), since I have the original and I like having both versions of a movie like this. I have both versions of Dark Water and I still haven't even bothered to watch the American version. Hell, I have the American, Japanese AND Korean versions of The Ring.