Tuesday, May 30, 2006

there you go

I was going to watch last night. But my DVD player was being all sorts of wonky and I couldn't get any audio out of it. So I tried something else and got it working. Something else was Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic. It wasn't a movie, really, it was mostly a stand-up performance with some bits and sketches thrown in, but it DID get a theatrical release and it was the length of a movie. So, I suppose it counts...

Regardless, here it is. Sarah Silverman is a stand up comic and actress. She's a bit brash at times and doesn't shy away from any topic as far as I can tell. The premise was a show about AIDS, rape and the Holocaust, all of which appear in the movie as well as a few songs to round it out. And, it was funny. There's not much else to be said about it. The point of comedy is to laugh and it accomplishes the only goal set out for it. It's not something where you can talk about the believability of the characters because, there aren't characters, there's no story and it's intended to be that way.

I enjoyed it though. And besides, Sarah Silverman is pretty hot.