Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I shouldn't do this

I watched an English movie the other night. I know it was English because it was a BBC production. That's a dead give away, right? And it took place in England. And it didn't make any fucking sense.

The movie? Dirty Pretty Things, starring , what's her nuts, from Amelie, Audrey Tautou. Well, kind of. She's on the cover of the DVD and she's a main character, but it's really the story of another dude. And it's all about...well, all sorts of seedy shit.

Black market medicine and organs and it's like a giant urban legend brought to life, only without the interesting bits. It wasn't mysterious. It wasn't suspenseful. It just was. It was boring and I hated it. It was stupid.

I know, I'm being pretty mean. But it deserves it. It was not what it advertised itself to be. It was dry and uninteresting and I wanted to turn it off, but I had invested too much time into it. This was a movie that was a hundred times less interesting that my new neighbors moving into their apartment at midnight. Well, I suppose that's not saying much, someone moving in at midnight is pretty interesting. There's intrigue and suspense and mystery. All of which were missing from this movie.

Dirty Pretty Things, you were not dirty, you weren't all that pretty and you were barely things. You sucked.