Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I *LIKE* the new Wonder Woman costume

Ok, I'll admit that, dispite my four comic book related tattoos, I'm a pretty casual fan of comic books. Especially mainstream titles. Especially mainstream DC titles. I'm just not a fan. Batman and Superman do nothing for me. Not a fan of the books, not a fan of the movies.

That said, it was recently annouced that DC was changing up Wonder Woman's look. Fair enough. She always did look kind of silly fighting crime in her underwear.

At the left is the new design, and I really like it. Will it get me to read the comic? Probably not. Will it get me to take the character a little more seriously? Possibly.

It would seem, however, that liking the new look puts me pretty firmly in the minority. However, umong nerds and geeks, liking change USUALLY gets you put in the minority. It didn't matter what DC did with the character, the fanboys (and girls) were likely to bitch and moan. So, kudos to DC for taking a chance, and, in my opinion, making the character look more respectible.