Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Stupid Stupid Stupid

Well, I had a real pretty little post about movies that I haven't seen all typed up and ready to go. Then I went and left it on my laptop at home. Why did I do that? Because I am a moron.

So, that will have to wait until I either get smatter, or am able to focus a little better (tomorrow probably).

In the mean time, lets go through some other dumb shit.

Apparently, Super Troopers 2 is a go. A prequel in which all the actors will play the parents of their characters from the first one. Great.

There will be no Shaun of the Dead 2. That makes me sad. Shaun of the Dead is easily one of my top five zombie movies.

I love some of the search terms that bring people here to my little corner of the interweb. For example, yesterday, someone did a yahoo search for "Chelan Simmons having sex clips". I've mentioned Chelan Simmons 3 times if you count the two times today. The other was back in February about the utterly forgettable movie Chupacabra Terror.

And I actually saw a commercial for Pulse last night. Set to open August 11th. Hopefully that means that it won't get pushed back again.