Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Does one pitch a teepee or erect one?

If you took It's a Wonderful Life and combined it with A Christmas Carol, and then removed Christmas from it, you'd end up with something like Click.

It starts with the hardly original "Where's the Beyond section?" at Bed Bath and Beyond. I think I saw it in an episode of Family Guy like 4 years ago and I doubt it was all that original then.

So, Adam Sandler's character goes into the Beyond section where he meets a wierd old scientist type played by Christopher Walken. He's given a Universal Remote, as in it can control the universe. Cut to muting the dog barking, and fast forwarding through an argument with the wife. Ha ha! So funny! I can't believe it.

The remote eventually learns your preferences, so by accidently fast forwarding through sex one time, it starts to do it everytime!

Before seeing it, I'd kept seeing all over the interwebs, all the people talking about how funny it was and how it was Sandler's best movie. Well, here's the truth, they're a bunch of fucking liars! Liars I say! It was an okay movie that really only had a few bits that made it in any way entertaining. (Kate Beckinsale dressed as Pocahontas...that's oth the price of admission on it's own. Trust me, she's hot as an indian...makes you want to pitch a teepee right then and there..and you might). For the most part though, see it for free if you can, but I wouldn't spend more than $3-4 to see it.