Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The devil is coming

Underworld: Evolution is out on DVD as of today. That sounds wrong. Lets try that again.

It's 6-6-06, so you know that means? The devil is coming! The devil is coming!

Wait. No. Hold on.

Right, Underworld: Evolution was realeased on DVD today. And you know what that means, right?


NO! Now stop it!

No, it means that I had to spend my money on yet another DVD. It will forever be known in my heart as 456. The real question is, where do you buy something like this. It's like looking for the shiniest diamond. Or the wetest water. It takes some time and some dedication. I have neither of those, so I only looked in like 4 or 5 places online.

Suggested retail is $28.95. Obviously, it's suggested that you never pay retail for a dvd.

Deep Dicount DVD is selling it for $18.09. Is that even a discount? It's definatly not deep... (you should check out the Danger After Dark Collection though. It contains Moon Child, 2LDK, and Suicide Club. 3 excellent japanese movies for under $20. Now THAT'S a good deal.)

Amazon.com is selling it for $16.96. That's almost $12 in savings! But, I think we can do better...

Best Buy is selling it for $15.99. What the crap? Isn't anyone under $15!

Here we go! Circuit City, the store you never think of, selling it for $13.99, and you can save on shipping by picking it up in the store. I, of course, completely blanked when I ordered it. I forgot that there is a Circuit City about five minutes from work. The shame.

As a not so honorable mention, you can pick it up at FYE for $12.99 but that's only after a $7 mail in rebate. You'd have to drop the $19.99 first and hopefully remember to mail in the rebate form.

I picked up the new AFI cd too, but that doesn't have anything to do with anything. I just thought that I would share anyways.