Thursday, September 30, 2010

Star Wars 2D is fine by me

I'd like to tell you how much money I've spent in my life to watch Star Wars. I'd LIKE to, but frankly, I'm too lazy and too embarrassed to do the math!

The first time I saw Star Wars was actually on TV. We actually may or may not have taped it off of TV. I had those tapes until I was 18 and bought the Special Editions on VHS.

Naturally, I saw all three Special Editions in the theater. Of course I did!

When Episode I came out, I waited in line a week ahead of time to get tickets. On opening day, I saw it twice. Back to back.

I saw Episode II twice as well, though I didn't camp out for it. I did, however, pay extra to make sure I saw it in an all digital theater.

Episode III I only saw once in the theater. To be honest, I was unimpressed with it at the time (it has since become a favorite).

I bought the deluxe VHS edition of Episode I that came with all sorts of neat bonus stuff like a book and a frame of the film. And that actually reminds me, I also bought and read the novelization of Episode I!

Unrelated to actually watching the movies, my 19th birthday was the day they released the action figures for Episode I. I was there at midnight with the other nerds buying them up. It's also worth noting here that I never hated Episode I as much as the rest of the world seemed to. Previous discussions can be found here and here.

I bought each prequel on DVD as they came out. When the original trilogy box set came out, I bought that. When they released the movies as individual two disc sets, I bought those. I had to! The second disc was the theatrical cut of each movie! Star Wars sans 25 years of meddling!

I'm done.

Why on earth do I need to spend one more dollar on these movies? Do I care about seeing them in 3D? No. Do I want to see them on Blu-Ray? I don't even want to get a Blu-Ray player!

I just cannot justify spending any more money on these movies. It doesn't mean that I like them any less, it just means that I've reached my limit. There's nothing else that can be added to these movies that will make me want to spend another dime to watch them.

I'm sorry, George. I just can't do this.