Monday, September 20, 2010

I have Electric Six running through my head, which has NOTHING to do with this post.

It wasn't that long ago, only a couple of years now, that the channel formerly known as SciFi debuted a show called The Dresden Files. You may not remember it since it didn't last very long. I, however, do remember it, kind of. If I scour the recesses of my memory, I can recall watching an episode or two during it's original run. The idea of a mystery solving wizard is fairly appealing, as it should be. Especially a wizard who uses a drumstick for a wand and a hockey stick as a staff.

A mystery solving wizard is the basis for the show. Harry Dresden lives in a world of magic known to most as Chicago. Here, the magic is hidden from most people. Besides running a business as a wizard for hire, Harry is also a consultant for the Chicago police department, helping out when cases get weird.

I recently rented the first (and only!) season from Netflix. It's only 12 episodes, and the set itself is fairly devoid of any special features. The show itself was fairly weak in the early episodes (which never helps when you're trying to find an audience), though everything got much better near the end of it's run. By the end, all I wanted was for there to be a few more episodes. Does Morgan begin to trust (and maybe even like) Harry? What becomes of Harry and Lt Murphy? Does their relationship continue to progress? 

The series was based on a series of books written by Jim Butcher. I've only read the first one so far, and it shows some promise as an interesting series of books. From what I understand, the TV series only loosely had anything to do with the books, basically being an alternate universe with some of the same characters.

I would really like to see them do more with the premise and the characters, but I know that's a lost cause at this point. Still, it was an interesting show, and I'm excited to read more in the books!