Wednesday, November 12, 2008

That was surprisingly amazing

As a friend of mine said, this is going to be either the worst 90 minutes of your life, or the best. Zombie Strippers is the kind of movie that could go either way. It's easy to look at it and think it's going to be absolutely awful. I mean, this is a movie that could have easily been WORSE than the "remake" of Day of the Dead. Instead, you get a movie that is more like Flight of the Living Dead...much better than it has any real right to be.

The whole thing starts with really bad actors learning that some equally bad acting scientist have created zombies in an attempt to create a super soldier. We all know how that goes. Soldier gets bit, doesn't want to get killed though, so he runs off. As a result, he finds himself in an illegal strip club (the movie is set in Bush-Cheney fueled future). It's here that he attacks one of the strippers.

Now, most would see this as a bad thing. The proprietors, however, do the math and see that the zombie is generating more money. Granted, she eats some of the patrons, but who's going to worry about that. Well, the other strippers decide to infect themselves for a piece of the profits.

Of course, in movies like this, no good thing can last. Eventually it turns to an all out war inside the club as zombie strippers battle zombie strippers for...attention I guess.

It's very silly and cheesy. I couldn't imagine watching it without a beer or two to start the night off with. I'll tell you what though, in the right...frame of's an incredibly entertaining movie. Robert Englund is...well...less annoying than I usually find him. Jenna Jameson is...well, Jenna Jameson. The soundtrack is surprisingly good too. The story and the acting are...not so good, but is that really why you're watching? There's tits, there's blood and guts, there's billiard balls flying out of hoo-has...what more could you ask for from a low budget zombie movie?


Johnny said...

Again, I totally agree. One of the most fun movies i've ever watched! It's got everything one could ever want in a flick.