Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I have a bad feeling about this

Look at it. Don't avert your eyes. Gaze upon the glory that is the trailer...for the Star Wars animated movie/series/thing.

Um...yeah. Look around, I'm a bit of a Star Wars fan. I try to hide it, but I fail fairly miserably. And here I am, looking at the poster and thinking about the plot and, I just can't get excited. I'm fucking BORED with the Clone Wars. I don't care what happened between Episode II and Episode III. I really don't. I didn't care when they did Clone Wars and I'm not interested now in The Clone Wars. Two stories differentiated by a definite article. Come on Lucas, couldn't you be a little more creative in coming up with a title? That's the best you can do?

Of course, a lack of enthusiasm won't make me stop talking about it, it will just make me crankier when I do. I guess it just feels like I should be excited. But I'm not, it just feels like we're beating a dead horse here. I know I am.


Fletch said...

I'm not excited about this for the same reason the sequels failed: I haven't seen so much as a trailer, but it's obvious by the style of the animation shown on the poster that this is targeted at 12 year olds.

Just wait until the funny sidekick foils things for the heroes, then they have to clear up his mess, but he learns a valuable lesson...blah blah blah.


Unknown said...

Sure, it was targeted for 12 year old boys, so were the originals. A New Hope was a damned coming of age story. The difference is that a 12 year old boy had different expectations in 1978 and it wasn't focus grouped to death.

What always bugged me was that Lucas had to wait so long to do the prequels. The technology had to be more advanced. That should have been the first clue. If it's a well told story, the technology and the effects are irrelevant. Look at Gojira, it was a man in a rubber suit and, 50 years later, it's still a very moving and thought provoking film. Or Jurassic Park. Spielberg used giant puppets more than anything else and the t-rex looked a hundred times better than the on Peter Jackson used in King Kong.

Fletch said...

Call me crazy, but the first two movies weren't targeted towards kids that young. I know my POV is skewed (having not been an adult when they were released), but they're each pretty damn dark movies, with lots of death and destruction and nary a thing for "the kiddies." It wasn't until Jedi (or maybe the Xmas special) that he introduced characters and scenes specifically intended for young kids.

I see his predilection towards green screens as another topic entirely, but yeah, I agree with you there. He thinks it's a strength, when it's really a crutch for a lack of creativity with real objects.

Anonymous said...

Actually "the technology had to be more advanced" was just an excuse Lucas used to get the fanboys drooling. Truth be told, he lost interest in the franchise after a bitter divorce and some other personal problems. (Then, in the 90's, he decided he needed more money.)

For what it's worth.