Tuesday, May 13, 2008

His headlights were broken for ages, and she fixed them just by touching a button.

Can someone explain how exactly I'm supposed to review a movie like Wristcutters: A Love Story? How do you describe something like this in a way that would make someone either a) want to see it, or at least b) not think you were insane?

Zia is dead. He killed himself. Zia is the titular wristcutter. And, his afterlife is spent amongst the other suicides in a world with bad music, washed out colors, and the inability to smile. It's here that he meets Russian rocker Eugene. A guy who lives with his family in the afterlife because they all ended up offing themselves.

One day, Zia learns that the girl he killed himself over had also killed herself, so he enlists Eugene and they go looking for her. Along the way the pick up Mikal, a girl who ODed and ended up there by mistake. She's hitchhiking on a quest to find the People In Charge so that the mistake can be corrected and she can go back.

I should add that this is a comedy...about suicide. Well, no, that's a little overly dramatic. It's a comedy about what happens to people AFTER they commit suicide. With a happy ending. It's a movie thats funny without being full of jokes. Everything is the same as being alive, just a little worse.

See, this movie epitomizes the dilemma I talked about a while back. I can't just say 'Oh man, that movies is great, you should go see it' because, well, I can't. I'd have to stop at 'Oh, yeah, I liked that movie' and know that a lot of people probably wouldn't. That said, I give it 8 insignificant miracles out of 10.


Fletch said...

I think your description worked perfectly. I'd heard of this peripherally, but haven't seen it. Sounds interesting, like a whacked out take on the Wizard of Oz.

The nice cast helps, too.

Unknown said...

A whacked out take on the Wizard of Oz...yeah...you know what, that works. Replace the Dorothy and the tornado with a young guy who kills himself and...yeah...it's pretty similar.

Matt said...

I've always wanted to see a whacked out take on the Wizard of Oz. Actually, when I first saw Oz, I remember thinking how it needed a few suicides to really elevate it to Classic Movie status. I'll have to check this one out.