Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Probably not.

Aren't you all looking forward to the new Star Trek movie coming out this Christmas? Isn't it the coolest thing in the history of ever that we're going to go back and see Kirk and Spock: The Early Years? I mean, really, can you think of ANYTHING that would be better than that? Oh shit, I can.

Almost anything.

Come on, there has to be some better story out there. Some tale of adventure in space that doesn't go back and 'fill in the gaps'. Why do we have to keep mucking about in the 'history' of these franchises? Can't we move on? Can't we go forward?

Am I the only one out there who doesn't care about this? Am I the only one who just wants to be entertained, rather than shown the minutiae of how the story came to be? I really didn't care that much about Vader's fall to the dark side. To be honest, I'd rather that they took the aftermath of RotJ and dealt with the new republic a hundred or so years later. Luke, Leia and all them are gone, but think of the resurrected Jedi, now starting to go out and defend the Republic. Good god, how much cooler would THAT be for a tv series than going through the fucking Clone Wars again?

But no, we can only rehash the past. We can only go back in time and make a shit ass show like Enterprise, and then put the fucking BORG in it because we have no idea what to do. Why not make a show going into the future again? It's worked great with Next Generation. Lets look to the future for more ideas. Lets get away from the tired old characters. Lets get some fresh blood involved in it all. Why not have a new ship exploring the Beta quadrant? Like really exploring it, not just lost there or anything. You could have the Federation, Klingons and Romulans all in a time of peace with each other facing a new threat.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull may turn out to be the worst movie ever made, it may ruin the franchise, but at least they're moving forward. Maybe it's time the rest of us did too.