Thursday, February 14, 2008

Color me cautiously optimistic

What color do you think 'cautiously optimistic' would be anyways? I imagine it wouldn't be anything bright like yellow or red. Maybe a deep orange hue. Something warm. Not blue or green. Not anything earthy or cold. Lets assume from now on that the color of cautious optimism is officially Pumpkin.

Which is good. The pumpkin is the lord of the gourds.

We learn so much here. For example, the other day we learned that I was giving Indiana Jones credit for exactly one thing, moving the franchise forward rather than moving into Prequel Land (though, didn't they technically do that with Temple of Doom? (What ever happened to Short Round anyways? Poor kid...)). Today, however, the trailer was unleashed upon us hapless mortals.

Hmm, so that's it? The way the interweb has been talking, you'd think that they put a dog on Mars or something. It looks good...a little more cartoony than the others, but it looks passable. It's hard to say since, you know, the trailer shows NOTHING about what the movie is actually about!