Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's a crossroads. A changing of the guard kind of thing, right?

Dear No Country for Old Men,



Maybe it's just not my kind of movie. Maybe I just 'don't get it.' This is possible. It doesn't change the fact that I found the movie to be boring and devoid of anything resembling a cohesive story.

Llewelen was the only character who's actions mostly made sense. And I wil admit to liking Tommy Lee Jones as Ed Tom Bell, though it was mostly because he reminded me of an old Ed Pardy.

Look, I don't need to have everything spelled out for me in a movie. I'm willing to sit back and thing about a movie for a while in order to try to piece things together. Hell, I even like that about some movies. The problem I had here is that it just never felt like I had all the pieces to put this puzzle together.

Not a bad movie, just not my kind of movie.