Sunday, November 11, 2007

What an awful laugh.

You know, you forget sometimes (Ok, *I* forget sometimes) just how great Tom Hanks was as a comedic actor. The guy was hilarious and brilliant, but he took that dramatic turn 15 years ago now and never really looked back. I can't really blame the guy for wanting to be taken seriously and win Oscars. I mean, doesn't any actor want to be recognized for his work? In the bottom of my heart though, I just wish he's return to the kind of movies he made back in the 80s. I miss that Tom Hanks.

(the video was posted earlier at The Rec Show. I couldn't stop laughing though.)


Unknown said...

I love the Money Pit. My siblings and I used to watch that movie religiously every time it was on.

Anonymous said...

In my mind, Forrest Gump ruined Tom Hanks. Up to that point, Hanks was lighthearted and immensely talented. After that, he became so self-absorbed and serious, that when he tried to do lighter fare later on, it flopped.

Unknown said...

I think you have to go back to Philadelphia. Without it, would he have gotten Forrest Gump? For that matter, if not for A League of Their Own would he have gotten Forrest Gump. Who's to say. But, I think it was one of those two that started the turn for him. By the time Gump came around, it was a bit too late for him.