Friday, November 09, 2007

Again with the Katee Sackhoff posts...what the hell

Remember how good Battlestar Galactica used to be? You know, before the New Caprica storyline? Yeah. Season 3 was...well...mostly not very good. It started off really strong, but the problem was the aftermath. The escape from New Caprica might have been one of the most amazing battles I've ever seen in a science fiction series.

But then...then...there was the inevitable fallout. The trial. The revenge. The petty infighting. It just wasn't fun or incredibly interesting. It just dragged on and on. Then the end of Season 3 came and they revealed the last of the unknown Cylons. And I was floored. It gave me just a glimmer of hope for Season 4.

But first, lets go back to the middle of Season 2 with what is essentially a long episode called Razor. There are two distinct story lines here, one is Lee Adama's first mission as Captain of the Pegasus. The other is about Admiral Cain and what the Pegasus and her crew did immediately following the Cylon attack on the 12 colonies. The whole thing is tied together via the story of Lt. Kendra Shaw.

Shaw came aboard the Pegasus the day of the Cylon attack. She was there at every pivotal moment as well. The execution of the XO. The turn to piracy as they scavenge crew and parts from the civilian fleet. The discovery that Gina is a Cylon. Shaw was, not only there, but an active participant in each of these events.

Shaw also becomes Lee's XO when he takes command. She is the one who, ultimately, designs the attack on the Cylon Guardians. The what? The Guardians. And guess what they are...

Fuck yeah, dude. Old school Centurions. Oh hell yes. There's even a gold one! How fucking cool is that! (Notice, not a question.) They explain that they tried following a different evolutionary path than the humanoid Cylons. Anyways, it makes sense in the movie. I'm not going to try to explain it. In fact, I'm not going to try to explain anything! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!


Battlestar Galactica: Razor is...*ahem*...FRAKKING AWESOME. Seriously. It made me remember how much I love the series. And it makes me really excited for Season 4. I'm just thankful that they did this as a movie so that I have an excuse to talk about it here! 9 gold Centurians out of 10!