Thursday, November 08, 2007

Everyone should hire ME! Who cares if I'm qualified for the job?

Cinematical is hiring and, I have to admit, I briefly considered applying for a position. Not because I fancy myself a professional movie writer. Oh no. I'm not even sure that it's something that I'd want to do. I mean, I'd worry too much that I'd end up hating it. I considered it just to see if I could get some critical feedback on my writing. Maybe I'll change my mind and send something in anyways, we'll see.

Even if I did though, I wouldn't get the job. Why do I say that? Well, I don't meet a single one of the criteria of what they're looking for.

Our ideal candidate(s) will have some combination of the following qualities:

  • You live and will work out of the Los Angeles or New York City area.
  • You specialize in all things geek (superheroes, graphic novels, video games, etc).
  • You shoot, edit and host your own videos (film related or not) online.
  • You will be able to contribute 75 posts a month (roughly 2 to 4 posts per day).
Ok, so lets see how I stack up...

Live in NYC or LA? Nope. Nor do I have any DESIRE to. I like living in the Detroit area most of the time. Sure, it's a dead zone. The economy sucks and there's rarely anything incredibly interesting here. I mean, what is our claim to fame at this point? Kid Rock and Eminem? Woo-fucking-hoo. Still, it's home. And, I'm cool with that.

I don't specialize in much of ANYTHING. I watch bad movies and play Guitar Hero. And I'm not particularly good at Guitar Hero! I certainly don't consider my self a Guitar Hero specialist, so we can say I probably don't meet that requirement.

Shoot, edit host any of my own videos? Nope. I'm 0 for 3 now.

75 posts a month...hmm, lets see, how many posts did I make last month...7. Less than 10% of what they'd want. In fact, my most prolific month was my first, Jan 06 when I made 50 posts. In fact, I've only hit 30 twice since then. I'll be the first to admit that one of my biggest problems is a lack of consistency around here. I'm not exactly proud of that, but it is what it is. This is a hobby. I work on it when I can, and when I can't, I don't.

So, I'll never turn pro. I'm okay with that. I like that this is something to do in my spare know, when I have some. I like that it helps me (slowly) improve my writing.

Oh well, it just means that you're stuck with me (and the new store that I'll talk about SOMEDAY, but not today. Or tomorrow. Tomorrow it's all about BSG Razor!)