Tuesday, October 02, 2007

31 Movies...Honorable Mentions

Yesterday, I presented my list. Today, we're looking at a few that didn't make it

Frankenfish, Spring Break Shark Attack, Insecticidal, etc

These are the kind of movies that I love. Unfortunately, they're not often that scary, or really that good. Bad acting, bad CGI, lots of deaths. It's just fun stuff. Actually, most of the movies I would have liked to have included but did not fall into this category. I can't help it if I'd rather watch Raging Sharks instead of Rob Zombie's Halloween. That's just the way it goes. Someday, someone is going to try to make a list of 31 horror movies to watch and laugh at while getting drunk with your buddies. I will excel at creating this list.

Land of the Dead

This might be my second favorite Romero movie behind Day of the Dead and it was on the list until the last minute (I won't tell you what replaced it). Some directors make me feel like they're losing sight of what they're doing as they make more movies...I have no doubt that Romero's Diary of the Dead will be fantastic.

A Tale of Two Sisters

I haven't seen it, but so many people have told me so much about it that I had planned to watch it over the weekend in the HOPE of including it. That didn't happen. I sold my soul to Knights of the Old Republic instead (again). My goal for this month is to watch it.


Japanese zombie movie that suffered the same fate as A Tale of Two Sisters


It's not really a horror movie, is it? It good. It's a little gruesome at times. I wanted to include it, but there were as many reasons not to as there were to include it. Oh well.


A lot of people really dig this movie. I'm not one of them. It was good, don't get me wrong, it just wasn't great. It's a lot of setup, and the end, while a bit shocking and creepy (in true Miike fashion) just isn't enough to salvage the story for me. It's good, but not great.

28 Weeks Later

I dug it. Seriously. I have no good reason for it not making the list. It just didn't. I considered it, but just didn't feel that strongly about it. This shit is never perfect.

Alien Resurrection

I thought about it, just to be a prick. I like the damn movie. There's just nothing all that scary about it.

Night Watch, Underworld

I really like these two werewolf vs vampire movies, but just couldn't justify putting them on the list. Night Watch came close to making it though.

Night of the Living Dead

Simply put. I preferred Dawn of the Dead. And didn't feel a need to put this one on the list as well.


The Universal horror classic. This is another one that was painfully close to making it. I absolutely love this movie.

The Eye

Actually, I have no excuse. This one should have been on the list. Sorry.

Needless to say, there were a ton of movies that cold have made my list but did not. Overall, I'm happy with my list though. That's what counts, right? No? Oh. Well ok then. Screw you! I don't need your validation! Jerks.