Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More? You want MORE?

What the hell is wrong with me? Am I REALLY this retarded?

Don't answer that...

What makes me ask such a question? Let me tell you.

See, I'm cruising my favorite corners of the interweb, and I stumble upon an article over at Bloody Disgusting...

I've known that they were going to be doing these direct to video sequels for a while. So, that's not really news to me. What IS news is the casting of Apollo, aka Jamie Bamber. Not to mention, a little taste of the plot.

In the films, Bamber plays Stephen, a recently divorced account exec for a large sales firm. He busted up his own marriage because he slept with someone else. He is the man that "let it all get away." In the post phantom world, he hides out up in his mountain lodge, behind an armored wall of sentries. He finds his child, thankfully still alive, and must protect her from the phantom of ex-wife Michelle (as well as from the jealous and possessive fling subject, Marta).

Look. I know what to expect here. I saw the first one. But I saw the original, too. And I think that's why I'm still hopeful about the whole thing. It's just such an interesting idea to me. The original was such a great exploration of the way that emergent technology is isolating us from everyone else. And, while flawed, even the remake does one thing fairly well in that it tries to play on our fears of our technology revolting against us like Maximum Overdrive sans Emilio Estevez. Maybe that's what Pulse needed! Emilio Estevez! He makes any movie at least 10 times better!