Thursday, August 09, 2007

File Under: Who the fuck thought this would be a good idea??

Today's "Wait a minute. What? Why?" moment comes from

Today it was announced in Variety that Battlestar Gallactica creator Ronald D. Moore will begin working on a new take on The Thing. Unfortunately that is all the news regarding the remake that they have released regarding that project. We have known it was coming and it is indeed a ways off still so it should come as no shock.

Moore seems to have experience in the sci fi genre so will he be able to capture the essence of the body jumping creatures from the arctic? Unfortunately only time will tell. At this point he also has a sequel for I,Robot that he is working on so it could be even longer than usual. Only time will tell.

Ok. Let me get this straight. Ron Moore is going to write a remake of a remake? While I can appreciate that it's Ron Moore doing it (I mean, Battlestar is pretty fucking rad, ya know) I just can't understand why this needs to be done? Is the movie going public really clamoring for this? Somehow, I doubt it. The Thing is a great fucking movie. And personally, I'd rather see Moore work on the I,Robot sequel (please, Ron, if you read this, write it WITHOUT Will Smith's character. PLEASE? I'll love you forever..).

It doesn't matter, does it? What the public wants, I mean. It doesn't occur to the Hollywood execs to ask and wonder about that anymore, does it? Anymore...did it ever?


Unknown said...

you'll love him forever?


insomniac said...

Forever and Ever?!

Nik! said...

With mouth?