Monday, March 02, 2009

WonderCon did not go according to plan

That I went to San Francisco really isn't that big of a deal. I've been to California at least 7 times and I've been to San think this was the third time. So, I've seen a lot of the city. Not all of it. I've never really wandered too far from downtown. I don't like getting further away than I can walk. Which is fine, I can walk pretty far.

The part of my trip that was pretty cool though was that I go to go to WonderCon. It's not quite San Diego Comic Con, but I was still pretty excited. I mean, it still held more promise than the one they have here in Detroit every year.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited to get to go. I had such great plans too. I had ordered some stickers that I was going to give away and was going to have some fun with it. Try and get pictures of people holding the stickers and stuff like that.

That was my first problem. There was a problem with my order. The company lost my graphic and then after I re-sent it...they re-lost it. They were unwilling then to do anything that would get the order to me in time for me to bring them out there with me. In fact, I still don't have them. But hey, to make it up to me, they doubled the order! So, now I have twice as many stickers that I don't really have a use for anymore.

That's not entirely true. I'll take them to the Detroit comic con with the same intention. It'll be fine. I'll probably use them as prizes for the next contest I do as well. It'll work out fine, I'm just a little bitter about it.

So, I'm there sans stickers, but I have a bunch of cards that I was going to leave out for people to grab. See, Detroit has a big table of free stuff by the entrance for people to grab stuff from. I figured that this would be standard fare for everywhere. I was wrong. There was nothing like that. So, failure #2.

My ultimate goal though was to meet Felicia Day. I mean, who wouldn't want to? She just seems so awesome. And, really, it was her saying she'd be there on twitter that even alerted me to the fact that I'd be out there for WonderCon in the first place. Well, that was failure the third. By the time I go back to the booth that she was signing at, they'd cut off the line. And despite my coming all the way from Detroit, over 2000 miles, I would not be allowed to sneak into line. All I could do was take a picture from about 5 feet away. And, while I want to be mad at the California Browncoats, it's not their fault.  I was pretty disappointed though. I was so close.

I'm glad I went though. I had a good time and got a good deal on some trade paperbacks. We found a place that was selling all the ones they had for 50% off. I picked up Wanted (way different than the movie), Star Wars Tales Vol 2 and three volumes of Y: The Last Man. I also picked up Scott Pilgrim Vol 5 at the Oni Press booth.

It really did make me look forward to the Motor City Comic Con though. The guy from Flight of the Living Dead is going to be there!