Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nathan Fillion Week: Does anyone else actually remember Seven Mary Three?

Do you remember the band Seven Mary Three? They did that Cumbersome song that people liked at one point. I have actually heard it in the last three years I think. On the radio no less. I mean, sure, I used to have the cd, but not anymore. I got rid of it a long time ago. I think. I hope. Ugh. Anyway, they also did a song called Water's Edge. And I liked the song. I remember liking it more than Cumbersome, that's for sure.

I can't go down to the water's edge,
I didn't do it,
I saw who did.
Don't go down to the waters edge,
They did it once and they can do it again.

Water's Edge has NOTHING to do with that song. I mean, they both deal with murder, murder near the water at that, but that's really where the similarities end. See, in the know, I looked up the lyrics, but I don't really remember the music, so I forget what happens in the song. There's a van and a crime and someone died and, you know, he didn't do it but he knew who did. Ok, look, I'm not going to go find the song and listen to it. I just don't care that much. Let's just get to the movie, huh?

Let's see...Nathan Fillion plays an author named...well, he has a name and I don't remember. Robert I think. Robert Graves. That sounds kind of ominous. Anyways, Robert and his wife, who also has a name, are broke. And, like many people in today's world, they are doing what they have to do to survive. In this case it's leaving New York City for a place in the middle of nowhere called Reedsville. Robert's father owned a house there, and when he passed away it fell to Robert.  So, they move out to the middle of nowhere called Reedsville.

I guess it's worth noting here that two years prior, their daughter died. As a result, their marriage is...strained and the wife, who I swear has a name, is suicidal. She tries to kill herself with a shotgun of all things. Which, as anyone who has heard the Kurt Cobain conspiracy theories knows is pretty tough. Well, hubby finds out and runs off with the gun. He ends up finding a sheriff about to kill a young lady for reasons unknown. With a rock. You know, standard police procedure. I was going to ask my friend who's training to become a cop, you know, to make sure that bashing in a young lady's head with a rock is standard, but she signed we'll have to assume it is.

Well, he finds this and the cop is a bit of a dick about it all. Clearly he's doing something outside the boundaries of the law. It's a tough situation. And, the cop gets shot. In order to protect the young lady's life, he shoots the cop. And then...he does something dumb. See, he was right in shooting the officer. The cop was obviously doing something illegal, and the woman couldn't defend herself. The officer was shot in defense. The woman's life was in danger. If he hadn't fired the weapon, it's likely that they both would have been killed by this sheriff. So, he loads the sheriff's body into the back seat and dumps the car in the lake! I hate shit like that!

So, he saves the girl. She's having an affair with the mayor. There might be blackmail involved. And, like any small town, there's the good ole boys network to contend with. There's a lot of twists and turns. The to-be-killed girl, who (you guessed it) had a name too, explains what happens. Rob doesn't believe her. It feels like she's manipulating things throughout the movie. And the ending...just feels weird and forced. Actually, it really annoyed me. No, not the ending. Let me rephrase that. The ending was fine. It felt right. The movie's climax felt strange and forced and...only made a little bit of sense.

Nate was good in it, don't get me wrong. The guy can do dour as well as he does smarmy. And, the other people, with their names were fine. The story was a bit all over the place at times, there's more than a few holes in the plot. I don't know, Water's Edge isn't a terrible movie. Really, it's not even bad. I just couldn't recommend it to anyone.


Anonymous said...

"named...well, he has a name and I don't remember." Classic :)

Fletch said...

I remember 7 Mary 3 as the band that I knew I'd forget about in 10 years. Seriously. Them and that one band with the lead singer that sounded exactly like the Alice in Chains guy. I wanna say "Day" or "Days" was in their name?

I hated 7 Mary 3's sound.

Unknown said...

Days of the New?