Friday, December 14, 2007

Let's ask Google

Did you know that I'm currently inching my way towards 400 posts? What began nearly two years ago as a humble project to stave off boredom has become...a humble project to stave off boredom, BUT a project that people actually kind of read.

People tend to end up here via one of 2 ways, most often. Either by coming here from Final Girl ((I love the film club) and I thank all of you for that) or via Google. So, I thought I might try to stumble down that path that we all eventually succumb to (usually in lieu of something good to talk about) to take a look at some of the Google searches that have brought people to my humble site.

7 dollar popcorn

Thank you. Yes, someone actually came here because they may have actually wanted to.

we should have got the 1 dollar popcorn

I agree. However, we're nearly 7 times better.

what happened to mila?

I've been trying to figure that out myself. She used to be a halfway decent actress. She's made some bad choices as of late though.

mermaid vs werewolf

I'm telling you, someone should make that movie. I'd see it.

movies with chalk of destiny in it

The only one I can think of is Day Watch. It's good stuff. Check it out.

how to back-up movie flight of living dead dvd ?

According to the MPAA, you are more than welcome to buy a second copy to enjoy should you have a problem with your original.

gary oldman switch phones

Why? Is there a problem with the one he has now? Are you trying to sell him an iPhone?

very polite guy gary oldman

He sure is. He doesn't even mind if you try to sell him an iPhone.

le singe est sur la branche

I swear to you, people get here that way. Yes, the monkey is on the branch. I get it.

palpatine was scared but luke was

Luke was what? Luke was a fucking Jedi. That's why Palpatine was scared!

why doesn't vader know about luke and leia

No one told him. He wasn't exactly invited to the shower you know.

is luke stronger than vader

Yes. Vader is a pussy.

does vader hate emperor

Yes. Vader is actually very emo.

kate beckinsale talks about wearing latex in underworld

Really? I may have to try that google search myself...

secure house against velociraptors

Install round doorknobs. They can figure out the handles.

amelia heinle looks like denise richards

Doesn't she? It's kind of creepy.

what if they don't think you kiss good

It's probably because you spend too much time searching Google for things like this.

That felt good. Cathartic. I think we really helped some people today. And remember kids, if you have any questions YOU'D like to see answered here someday, just search google and end up here.


Anonymous said...

You're now officially a blogger - you're obsessed with your stats!!!!

It's a sickness!!!

Google sure does get some strange things typed into it ... LOL

Unknown said...

I can't even begin to tell you how much this makes me laugh.