Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Great Movie Gadgets Part 1: Octopus 2: River of Fear

I have a feeling that I could mine Octopus 2: River of Fear for blogging gold for DAYS. I won't subject you to such an awful fate. However, I do want to take the opportunity to demonstrate how not to create props for your movie.

Here we see our intrepid heroes, Nick and Rachel, analyzing some octo-goo on a, presumably, generic cotton swab with they're amazing Octo-Finder 2000 from RonCo.

The Octo-Matic 8000

Let's look at two things here, as highlighted below.

In the red square, you see that the Oct-O-Mizer 4000 is using regular film canisters as it's analization ports. Put the goo in the film container, and the chemical composition is displayed on the screen, highlighted in blue. So, lets take a closer look at our analysis output.

Well, according to the goo, it's June 27th. That's right the Oct-B-Gone 9000's display screen is nothing more than a digital calendar! A calender that they show to you as our inexplicable heroes read off the supposed chemical composition of the octo-goo.


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Brilliant detective work!!!

Unknown said...

I love the stuff they try to pass off as real devices in low budget movies. It's fun stuff.