Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Life in Movies Blogathon

Last year, you may remember Fandango Groovers Movie Blog did a Desert Island DVD Blogathon, and I participated! Well, they're back with another Blogathon, A Life In Movies.

Following the unexpected popularity of the Desert Island DVDs blogathon I organized last year I am inviting fellow bloggers to tell us what their favourite* movies are from each year of their life so far.  You can put as much or as little effort into you list as you wish. It could just be a list of movies, you may with to add a sentence or two about the movies or what they mean to you, you can brighten it up with images, posters or trailers. The choice is yours.
 Well, hells bells, that sounds fun. Fun enough for me to take some time out from blatant self promotion and join in!

So, I was born in 1980, and haven't seen a single movie that came out in 2011 so far. So, that establishes our range. So...lets start:


Welcome to the 80's!

1980The Empire Strikes BackLike I would put something ELSE in here!

1981Raiders of the Lost ArkTough one. I love Clash of the Titans and History of the World, Part 1...but I love Raiders just a little bit more!

1982Blade RunnerAnother tough one because The Thing was great, but Blade Runner has just had too big an impact on me.

1983Return of the JediJedi. Done.

1984Temple of DoomReal tough one here. This is the first year where I start remembering seeing a lot of different movies. I'm giving the nod to Indy because it's one I still love to watch.

1985Return of the Living DeadRe-Animator is a close 2nd.

1986Big Trouble in Little ChinaShut up, Mr. Burton! You were not brought upon this world to get it!

1987Evil Dead IIJaws 4 is, and I'm not kidding, a very close 2nd.

1988Young GunsDid you see the size of that chicken?

1989Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeIt's my favorite of the three in fact.

Onward to the 90's!

1990Back to the Future: Part IIII might be the only person you know who says that this is their favorite of the 3.

1991T2Of course.

1992Encino ManIt's Pauly Shore's best work and you know it.

1993Jurassic ParkI don't even know what else came out this year.

1994ClerksJust for the sheer impact it had on me.

1995Johnny MnemonicWhat? We all know I love this movie. And while some amazing movies came out this year, if you put all of them on DVD in front of me, I would end up watching Johnny Mnemonic. I know I would!

1996Star Trek: First Contact/TrainspottingIt's a tie. One is my favorite Star Trek movie, the other my favorite Danny Boyle movie.

1997Grosse Pointe BlankThis just as easily could have been Event Horizon or The Fifth Element or Cube or The Game. In fact, if I swapped GPB out for any of those others, I would be just as comfortable/conflicted with my choice.

1998Zero EffectI really had to fight not to say Armageddon, as bad as it is, I really do like it.

1999Godzilla 2000This was the Godzilla movie that really got me into the series. For that reason, it barely beats out The Matrix.

Into a new century

2000SnatchThough Battle Royale would have been just as acceptable.

2001Session 9While it could have (and probably SHOULD have) been something else, I really do love this movie.

2002The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersThis is one of my favorite movies of ANY year.

2003OldboyThis would have been my first exposure to Korean movies

2004Shaun of the DeadI hate not having Kung Fu Hustle here, but I can't

2005SerenityIt was almost Land of the Dead

2006Pan's LabyrinthI really REALLY wanted to put Slither here.

2007Hot FuzzNothing else even comes close.

2008Let the Right One InHellboy 2 was here until I remembered that this one came out in 08 and I saw it in SLC.

2009The Brothers BloomOnce again, it's just a movie that I love, regardless of year. Nothing else from 09 was going to come close.

The twenty...teens?

2010True GritI really didn't see many movies in 2010. I did see this, and enjoy it. Centurion would have been another good choice.

2011Dead WoodsOk, so it's the movie I was in. I know I said I'd get away from self promotion for the day...I lied. Oh well.

* I was about to correct the spelling of favorite, but then it occurred to me that it must be a British site, and I will respect that particular cultural difference.