Sunday, November 22, 2009

Once again, the book proves to be better.

A few weeks ago, I was in a hotel room in Stamford, Connecticut. I was getting ready to get on a plane to come home. The tv was on and I was flipping through the channels and The Golden Compass was on. It was about halfway in, but I stopped and watched it. I decided that I liked it enough that I wanted to see how it began, so I queued it up on Netflix.

Last week, I was at the used bookstore and they had a copy of  The Golden Compass. I was getting ready to head out to Rhode Island for a week and figured I'd give it a read while I was traveling. I like to read on planes more than anything else. I put my headphones on and just read. There are no distractions and I can focus on my book. I always read on flights. It's just what I like to do.

I got home on Saturday and Netflix had sent me the movie, which I was even more interested in watching now that I'd read the book. So, I watched it. And all I could come away with was what a jumbled mess it was.

The movie was too short. There are just too many things going on to try to condense it as much as they did. I think that it's a fairly enjoyable movie without having read the book, but having read it, the differences and short comings are just too apparent.