Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seven things Star Wars can do to make itself interesting to me again...

I think it's become fairly obvious that there is no stopping the behemoth that is Star Wars. Games, books, tv shows, maybe more movies. Who knows. All I know is that George Lucas seems to want to kill Star Wars. I think that's his plan. Kill the franchise. Drain every drop of blood from the stone and leave it in a pile of wanton destruction. I can think of no other possiblity.

So, here at 7 things Lucas could do that would make me interested again. Or, maybe it's really just one thing said 7 different ways.

1. Create a new lead or 12

I like Obi-won. I like Anakin. I like Luke. All I'm saying is that there has to be more than 3 interesting people in the galaxy.

2. End the Clone Wars

I know, the war ended in Revenge of the Sith. Lets talk about something else now.

3. Look to the future

The reforming of of the Republic had to have had consequences. Training new Jedi had to have created some new adventures.

4. If you're going to mine the past, go further back.

Knights of the Old Republic was great. How about more like that? If the Jedi, Sith and Republic have been around this long, there must be more conflicts out there to tell stories about.

5. They don't have to all be trilogies.

The 'Episode X' thing was a crutch. Drop it and make a stand alone movie or two.

6. Show me something new.

Seriously. The prequel trilogy was fun. Let's move on.

7. Get away from the Skywalker era.

That's the big one for me. (And, really, this is all about me.) It's time to move past these characters. It's time to move past this era.