Saturday, June 16, 2007

Who's the sheep fucker now?

Having been to New Zealand, I can tell you a couple of things. It's an amazing place. Absolutely beautiful. Less pollution than anyplace I can think of. Just, one of my top 4 places on Earth. No hobbits, no shire, but you can't really hold it against the place.

One thing that stands out though, was all of the sheep. Sheep outnumber people something like 10 to 1. It's kind of crazy. That's the thing about Black Sheep, it couldn't have come from anyplace else. No place but New Zealand could a movie about genetically altered sheep attacking farmers be created.

It all starts on a farm. One boy is helping his father herd sheep, the other isn't. He kills a sheep and skins it, hanging the mutilated animal and wearing the skin to frighten his brother. In an unrelated incident, dad falls off a cliff.

Fast forward 15 years. Younger brother, Henry, is terrified of sheep, and on the advice of his therapist, is returning to the family farm. Older brother, Angus, runs the farm, and for a cool $2 million, is buying out Henry's share of the place. City boy and sheep-phobe Henry is all too happy to take the money and run. Except, it's decided that maybe he should go to the cliff that his dad fell from for closure or something.

Meanwhile, dirty hippies Grant and Experience have invaded the farm in an effort to expose the inhumane genetic research going on. Grant, being a bit overzealous, grabs a container with a baby sheep in it. In his attempt to escape, the container breaks, releasing a very alive, and very angry sheep thing.
'allo love

The sheep thing attacks Grant. Experience is trying to find Grant in the woods, but stumbles instead on Henry and Tucker. She steals their gun and forces them to help her find Grant.

Grant is turning into a sheep though! It's a crazy genetic mutation. And the sheep thing is attacking sheep in the herd, turning them into crazy, blood thirsty sheep zombies.

You see, Angus has been using his own DNA to create a new breed of sheep. Naturally, there's a slight running joke about him being in love with the damn thing.

I wish I knew how to quit you!

It's basically up to Henry and Experience to save the farm and stop the sheep from escaping and infecting the rest of the country!

As goofy as the premise sounds, it's really very funny and very good. I really enjoyed watching it and will probably watch it again. It's a pretty creative story that defied my expectations. 8 farmers falling in love with their sheep out of 10.


Nik! said...

This leaves me wondering two things: 1) Is Jake the sheep or is Heath the sheep? 2) What are your three other favorite places?

I don't except actual answers to these questions. It's just what I thought while reading.