Friday, September 22, 2006

Many nights I've put a blade to your throat while you were sleeping

Poor Lou Diamond Philips...

From MSN:

Prosecutors charged actor Lou Diamond Phillips on Thursday with domestic battery in connection with an incident last month involving his live-in girlfriend.

Me: Maybe I should have read the article before I picked a title for this post...oops

Phillips, best known for his roles in "La Bamba" and "Stand and Deliver," could face a maximum of one year in jail and a $2,000 fine if convicted of the misdemeanor charge. His arraignment was scheduled for Oct. 18.

Me: Best know for? Fuck you. He was Chavez in Young fuckin Guns man. THAT'S what he's best known for. Jesus, you play Richie Valens once and suddenly your branded for life. This didn't happen to Kurt Russell when he played Elvis, or Dennis Quaid when he played Jerry Lee Lewis... but poor Lou is fucked.

According to police reports, the 44-year-old actor got into an argument with his girlfriend, and it escalated into a physical fight in the early hours of Aug. 11. His girlfriend, who was not identified in court documents, "was pushed and dragged across the house resulting in scrapes to both knees," City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo said in a statement.

Me: Poor lady. I guess that's what you get though when you're dating someone best known for playing a dead 50's pop star. Or maybe he's just pissed that he can't get any good roles anymore. Too many movies like The First Power.

The woman grabbed a phone, locked herself in a bathroom and dialed 9-1-1, Delgadillo said. Phillips was arrested and held for about 10 hours before being released.

Me: Ugh. I hate people who make phone calls while they're in the's just so dirty. Ick.

A message left for Phillips' publicist, Eddie Michaels, was not immediately returned. It was not immediately known whether Phillips had retained a lawyer.

Me: Or if he could afford one...

In recent years, Phillips has made a number of guest appearances on TV, including "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "24."

Me: Really? That's the best he can do? Guest appearances? Poor bastard. No wonder he was angry...