Friday, November 12, 2010

Movie Sketch or What the Hell Was I Thinking? I Can't Draw!

So, the other day, over on the twitter, Alex, of the awesome blog Film Forager, posted that she was having trouble coming up with something for this week's movie sketch (I guess it would be worth noting that she posts a weekly movie sketch). I look forward to this as she is a good artist as well as movie reviewer. I, however, am neither a good movie reviewer nor a good artist. Of course I volunteered to fill the movie sketch gap. And she accepted my offer! I have no idea why! She has seen one of my drawings!

This led to a bit of a problem. One bigger than my lack of talent. No, this lead to me A) not knowing what the hell to draw and 2) really wanting to do something good! I tried drawing William Powell from The Thin Man, but I can't draw faces, at all. So, then I was going to try a t-rex from Jurassic Park. That didn't work either. Next I thought that maybe I could draw the ship from Serenity (side note, as a kid, I *loved* drawing space ships!)...nuh uh. Finally, I fell back on Star Wars

Yup, me, a pen and a highlighter came together to produce something that looks reasonably similar to a clone trooper's helmet. Overall, I'm fairly proud of it. I've certainly done worse (this is why I'm NOT posting what I scrapped). It's nothing near as good as anything you will EVER see as part of Alex's Movie Sketch Project, but I hope it helps fill the void this week.