Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Song of the Day - Home Sweet Home by Those Dancing Days

Ok, so I was putting together a playlist in iTunes. Inevitably, when I do this, I stumble down a rabbit hole of songs I love but haven't listened to for some time. This time it was Those Dancing Days, one of my favorite Swedish bands (Yes, I listen to enough Swedish bands to have a favorite that is NOT ABBA (if anyone tells you they don't like ABBA, they are most likely lying to you)). So, I went over to the YouTube, and I never knew that Those Dancing Days made a video for any of their songs, let alone four videos! I picked Home Sweet Home for a couple of reasons. Mostly because it's a good song and a fun video, but also because there's a shout out to the airport I spend so much time in, Detroit Metropolitan Airport!

I really wish I could find some recent news on the band. I'd really love for them to make another album. Linnea J├Ânsson has such a great voice that I'd love to hear more.