Friday, July 02, 2010

Mel Gibson might just be a world class dbag

I'm not someone who can easily separate the actor from the performance, so to speak. If I don't like an actor or an actress or a director or a band on a personal level, then I won't have any interest in that person's work. For example, I find Tom Cruise and the rest of the Scientology sect in Hollywood to be bat shit crazy, as a result, I try like hell not to watch their movies or TV shows. This includes Cruise, John Travolta, Jason Lee, etc. I just...refuse to allow my money to support that. Another would be Orson Scott Card. Ender's Game is supposed to be an excellent sci fi novel but I'll never know because Card is a bigot and I won't read his work as a result.

Or, the way I can't look at Vince from the Slap Chop commercials without thinking of how he beat up a hooker.

I think we've all kind of suspected that Mel Gibson was a little off his rocker as well. his drunk driving incident a few years ago started to make people suspect that he was a This new thing though, this I don't think I'll be able to watch Braveheart again. Or the Lethal Weapon movies. Suddenly those movies are just going to be associated with Mel Gibson's racism. And, if he's going to mouth off like this, I won't support him. Not in any way.