Sunday, June 17, 2007

FGFC: Dude...why did they kiss like that??

It was 92 degrees in my apartment as I sat down to watch this month's Final Girl Film Club selection. (On the other hand, it was a pleasant 81 degrees outside) In other words, it was a sweaty evening en la casa de dreamrot. Well, it's not so much a "casa" apartemento. So, el apartamento de dreamrot. Yeah, that works.

The Innocents is a 1961 horror movie whose own trailer boasts that it is a ghost story intended for adults. Naturally, this got my hopes up for something...shall we say...titillating. Then I remembered, it's 1961, let's not get too excited.

Uncle is looking for a governess. You see, Uncle is...well, Uncle can't be bothered with raising children. It cuts into his social life. Uncle is a bachelor, not a lonely one, mind you, but a bachelor. And, well, he needs someone to raise the kids for him. Out in the country. And never to bother him. Ever. For anything. He will not acknowledge you. He will pretend he's never met you. He will put his fingers in his ears and sing Henry the 8th as loud as he can. Basically, you're on your own. Not get outta here.

And so, Miss Giddens is hired and heads for the country to be with the children. She is replacing the former governess, Miss Jessel, who died. Very tragic. The little girl, Flora, really liked her, so try not to bring it up.

Flora is a nice child, but creepy in that way that kids tend to be. And she sings, often. Some song she learned from a music box. She has a brother, Miles. Miles is away at school. But, wait! What's this? A letter from Miles' school? He's been WHAT? Expelled? That little FUCKER! And, how did Flora know? Crazy!

So, Miles comes home, and goes all Eddie Haskell. Just, creepy in his politeness. Flora and Miles get along well together, a little too well perhaps. And Miss Giddens is starting to find it a little odd.

Speaking of things Miss Giddens finds odd, there's these visions she keeps seeing. Some dude wandering about. Apparently, he's a dead guy. When he was alive, his name was Quint, but now he's dead. Eaten by a shark...poor bastard. Miles was heartbroken when he didn't come back from that fishing trip with Brodie and Hooper. It was a shame really. Wait. No. Wrong Quint. This Quint was a valet, which I'm sure is some British term for something. I doubt he was a guy who just parked cars. Miles was, however, quite attached to the dude, and was traumatized by his death. So, you know, try not to bring it up around him, k thanx.

Miss Giddens though is curious as to what happened. So, she pressures Mrs Grose, the maid, to tell her what happened. Repeatedly. Until, finally, she relents. See, Quint was uneducated, but charming. Miss Jessel was very taken by him. And they had something of an affair. Then, Quint died. And Miss Jessel was devastated. And then she died. Of a broken heart. So tragic.

Miss Giddens keeps having really weird experiences around the house, and she thinks that the kids are causing it. After a little soul searching, and a really creepy kiss from Miles, Miss Giddens comes to the most logical conclusion. The kids must be possessed. Mrs Grose instantly accepts this. I have no idea why. I know she can't read, but that doesn't mean she's stupid. Regardless, the kids must be possesed. And there's only one way to get rid of this possession. Get them to admit it. Obviously.

You know, it was a really good movie. Chilling I might even say. It created a great atmosphere and didn't try to scare you by just making loud noises and using crazy jump cuts. It created an aura of fear. And you know, ghosts fucking scare me. So, a good ghost story will hook me every time. The ending was a ended? Inconclusive? Was she right? Was she crazy? Did he die, or was it just shock? Why did she kiss him like that? What kind of crazy movie is this?

Regardless, definitely enjoyed the flick. 8 turtles found in your country estate only to be thrown through a window in your dramatic climax out of 10.


Unknown said...

Throwing a turtle out the window is a climax?

Unknown said...

Well, no. That would be silly. The turtle was tossed through the window DURING the climax.